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What Is Body Massage

               Massage therapy history dates back thousands of years ancient cultures, It is strongly believed that giving pressure by the gentle press or by rubbing the body generates some heat as well as relax the body muscle which in turn releases pain, which is actually a medical benefit.

               The first written records of isha spa massage therapy Bangalore are found in China and Egypt, around 27OO BCE Chinese started practicing body massage for relaxation and medical ailment, also Egyptians are using this massage therapy as reflexology  ROUND 25OO BCE and from them this culture is influenced and followed by Greeks and Romans.

body massage in bangalore
body massage in bangalore

               As everyone knows India is one of the countries which has a very old History in vast medical treatments and body ailment, It is found that India is practicing body massage as a tool in many of their treatments. But it has a written history from around 15OO BCE to 5OO BCE only.

body massage in bangalore               Ayurveda is one of the old medical treatment method which not only has herbs and spices as medicine but also physical touch plays a vital role between Physician and Patient to heal the problem soon. In Sanskrit "AYURVEDA" means "life Health" which is a basic blend of medication, Relaxation and Aromatherapy.


  In early 18th century the art of massage started slowly spreading towards western a country with all it's enhanced techniques and skills. Swedish doctor who is a gymnast and an educator developed the method and movement techniques which are known as the "Swedish movement system". Today in most countries that common types of massage practiced are Swedish massage and in some places and another blend of Japanese body massage and Swedish therapy, Body to body massage, Full body massage, Naked massage, sandwich massage, full body massage is followed for better outcome and satisfaction.

               When we talk about massage history, We also consider the future and present development in a massage. In the long history of massage even after incorporated in to western medicine, Initially, it is considered for its fanciness but slowly after knowing its benefits, it gained its momentum and necessity become more in this past 5O years. Nowadays this therapy is practiced not only by doctors but also due to its development in educating techniques and spreading speed it is also possible to get this service from Gyms, Spas, Therapy center, Private room, individual recreation centers, etc. This kind of therapy is promoted a lot because it balances and maintains the internal and external health, Soothing the body pressure ailment and relaxation for the brain and boost its regular activities. It also helps our body and internal organs to rejuvenate their daily energy.

               Apart from spas and massage therapy centers this physical therapy is also practiced in Chiropractic clinics to treat and heal internal pain, this is done by increasing blood circulation to cure the specific areas, which in result will cure the injured or damaged muscle in various parts of the body.

The full body massage is a masterpiece of Kerala Ayurveda massage which will make you relaxed and refreshed. It is done with medicated herbal oils either by one or two therapists in a synchronized manner for 1 and a half hours. This massage is suggested to prevent aging and degeneration, pain relief, the cure for the pain of a particular part of the body. We assure you, the therapy will make you the whole body physically, mentally, and emotionally strong. Its wavy motion helps to relieve joints and muscles from stiffness and helps in freeing body movements. This helps to increase blood circulation, thus the whole activity takes place in the body is getting enhanced. This absolutely will rearrange the unordered activities in the body and the same time provides relief to diseases such as anxiety, fatigue, circulatory disorders, arthritic problems, backaches, and injuries, etc as well.

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