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Female To Male Body To Body Massage Services

                Body To Body Massage In Bangalore when it said treatment from one body to body massage another body, it is a kind of charging one source from another. we understand  the law of attraction, applying to that concept in this treatment a fully charged the female body helps a male body to rejuvenate by rubbing and caressing the male body not only by the help of hands and fingers but also the sacred female's breast when it gently rubs the chest of a male creates  the universal energy to flow all over the veins and disperse the electrifying feel and freshness.

        Isha Spa Body massage in Bangalore is common in most places but why we are special and how we make it special is a traditional art in  the divine body to satisfy  the Aathma is quite difficult and when it is done then the whole body will get all its need by itself, so the female here will  carefully play  all around the male body including private parts and reveals the secret to success.


              In this stressful generation, most men completely involve themselves when it comes to working, they are literally  workaholic but in terms of caring their body and mind, women is the only key to breaking the barrier and make the best moments.       

            As we understood that body treatment for a male will not be fulfilled only  by allowing female to participate and perform on their full body massage in Bangalore, It is recommended under and advised to all customer to allow their mind and body to flow in a rhythm of the moment and encourage them to take mutual control on females to fetch all the energy sources.

            In this Female body massage Bangalore, the tantra that we follow is understanding the mood of the client, bringing their mind and body pressure first to neutral and to perform on every single part of the body to fully fittest level.                                                                                                 


                   Sandwich massage in Bangalore This is a kind of play which is performed by professionals, since in common terms females are always considered as soft-spoken and light-hearted but this in the area where females likes to be very ferocious and dominant, which is exactly what they have to and most needed also.

Male To Female Body Treatment

  We have specially picked craftsmen's who are talented and genius in these act who will perform the level of excellence. In our body every single area is precious and needed treatment on regular intervals so in usual according to the guest choice-i.e.-type of oil, powder, gel, etc it is applied all over the body and it will be slowly rubbed by male palm to generate warm thness to allow it to penetrate inside.

  As a step by step process male will use his muscle power and creates pressure to the female massage in Bangalore which turns into to sensual feel. When a gentle rub on the back neck is performed which is the beginning process will unlock all the pressure points.

           It is said in Kama sutra massage in Bangalore in isha spa that women can be aroused by handling her breast in the correct way so in accordance with that the first foremost pleasure will be performed and presented to the female by tickling and teasing the nipple.

            A gentle push and a moderate pressure will be applied from every angle toward the center and then by pinching and twisting the nipple will generate current waves which tickles the brain cells and get the body to be ready for the next level called orgasm.

               Female will get the pleasure Body massage Bangalore  from the male chest on her both side of her body and added to that her bump will be Massage in Bangalore  and cares nice and smooth for her to feel the heavenly reached experience.

               As a final stage to arouse and to get an orgasm, her naval part will be gently tuned and played by our artist which increase the rhythm in every vein like a Cream and Ice topped on the cake. Her vaginal entrance will be tasted and tested to achieve her full swing of sensual arouse.

Female To Male Body Massage Treatment Benefit

               Isha Spa In these present days, massage treatment and body massage Bangalore is currently considered as a standard treatment or as a relaxation aid. It enhances rest and advancing in real-world pleasure, it enables people to diminish their feeling of anxiety and to feel divine, enhances rest for both body and soul, soothe torment and lift up execution. Full body massage Bangalore gives the customer a peaceful environment with high and immense pleasure using variously suitable and needed techniques.

              The therapist gently massages the customers their whole body with their fingertips to soothes the nervous system, removes the pain from muscles by balloting on their body massage centers in Bangalore and this will drain out all sorts of tension from the body and exits the mental stress.

This massage is being sensual and erotic, every customer will enjoy thoroughly and will get full satisfaction Since they have complete privacy and freedom they may exceed and explore their level of sexual and physical needs. Thus the type of cross-sex massage from a female to male body massage in Bangalore is considered more effective and satisfying than a unisex. Initially, the customers will be given a nice bath which gives the complete freshness then, later on, they will be treated and applied will oil or gel or any kind of  Ayurvedic lubrication to avoid friction and as well as this acts as a medicinal benefit to the customers.

            Slowly and gentle the customers back part starting from the back neck then back part of the body massage Bangalore. then hip and lower hip part including buttocks will be massaged then upper thigh and cops of the leg will be pressurized and needed for more relaxation. Then the inner part of the leg and fingers will gently be caressed for extreme relaxation.

            On the front side, customers are rubbed and caressed gently by slowly entering into male genital cleavage which gives amusement and will be a treat to the whole body. Herewith no doubts the other part of female-like their breast, back hump, forearms, and inner palm of legs are also used while massaging. In this front part of the leg will also be massage in Bangalore along with stroking of the penis until orgasm is reached or if requested so.

           Since the female touch is softer and accelerates this type of massage will generate various chemical reactions that secrete needed secretion from various glands of our body, in turn, it passes throughout veins and mixes in blood and flows throughout the body for external experience and relaxation.

nuru gel massage in bangalore
             "Nuru" is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki, Japan. In this technique, one or more females can be engaged to rub their bodies against the client's body to body massage Bangalore. This play can be done initially with dress to arouse the partner but after foreplay, this message will be continued in a nude manner but it can also be started nude.

              A type of oil that is obtained from brown seaweed will be applied all over the client's body to attain soft and smooth contrition amongst them. The word "NURU" means smooth/slippery in the Japanese language. At the same time as this massage center in Bangalore, the guest will get in widest body contact, triggering the strong tactile sensation that helps the client to relieve stress.

            Male will be placed on the bed at any comfortable position and his/her body will be applied with no flavor and no taste oil, sometimes the client will be over coated with more oil/gel for a better experience.

             Nuru massage in Bangalore often ends with extraordinary orgasm and sometimes ejaculation by giving BJ effect on male genital organ, If the client is interested in blending and to have intercourse then with preventive measures they are allowed to do foreplay and in continuation to that will be a happy ending services story.

              In this massage, the client is allowed to take charge and play with their chosen partners as they wish. Playing and tickling the female breast will treat both their external feel, Kneading and sucking the nipples from both partners will escalate the level of enjoyment and fun.

              This Nuru massage flexes the muscle and stretches the blood vessel and this allows a clean flow of blood all over the body and relieves body pain. since this massage applies to get relief from muscle twist or breakdown of tissues.


  1.    It is an advantage massage method where one receiver and two deliverers will involve and this also called as four-hand massage. In these two females will concentrate on one male body from either side of the body. Some of the times one female lie down and the male will lie on her breast facing each other whereas the second female will rub her front and back body on the back of the host. Since male finds in between two girls it is called a sandwich massage.

   2.    Initially female will be undressed and coated with oil and made to lie down so on top one female will perform in meantime the second female takes the lower part of female body to male body massage, this kind of action will give confusion in concentration at the beginning, so as a result mind loses understanding and will start enjoying the pleasure generated from all parts of body at same time. This is a very effective and powerful massage and most needed for people who work in a very hectic atmosphere.

   3.     In sandwich massage, two therapists work on the same client at the same time but on the different areas with the same rhythm by using synchronized moves and techniques. When the entire body is treated at one time with the help of 2O fingers, the pleasure level will increase rapidly and gives orgasm several times in various levels. During this massage, two females will play amongst them for a male to arouse and at that time the male genital part will be shared and caressed at the same time which also takes customer to next level of enjoyment.

    4.    Two females will literally use all parts of their body to dance over the client's body with a different pace and various levels of pressure, this eases the muscle pressure and realigns the tendons. By applying a combination of pressure at various points will penetrate through tissues and become a superior treatment.

     5. The advantage in this massage in Bangalore is that when a male acts on one female the other female can guide him or support him by caressing both the working partners, which will be a unique type of experience that can only be attained from this type of massage. Since this massage gets to treat one single body with various excitement at one time the nervous system will work more effectively which in turn passes lots of continuous electric signals all over the brain, So as a result that even though this massage is costly it worth with more benefits.

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